The Eden clubs

Based on its commitment in support of sustainable development, the Pas-de-Calais department encourages a best knowledge of the interaction between the Man’s activities and his environment. It supports environmental education steps in order to encourage the eco-citizen and helpful practices of the schoolboys.

Objectives of the action

The Pas-de-Calais department, in partnership with Eden 62 suggests to the schoolboys :

- an active discovery of their environment ;
- an approach to the wildlife ;
- an awareness of the natural areas’ fragility ;
- a promotion of the environmental culture.

To be eligible, the project

- is created within the framework of the extracurricular activities of the secondary school
- involves a club made up of 10 to 20 pupils
- is long-term (it is not a limited action)

The Pas-de-Calais department assesses the project by taking the involvement of the educational team and the retained methodology that encourages the creation of the club into account.

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