The executive committee

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As it is planned in the articles, the executive delegate’s mandate is linked to the elective mandate, whether it is local or cantonal. Since the elections of March 2008, the General Council and the local authorities (32 communes and 6 EPCI) have reappointed their representative.

As far as the authorities of Eden are concerned, the executive committee appointed, by respecting the balance between the various partners:

  • 1 chairman; Mr Poher, delegate of the General Council.
  • 2 vice-chairmen; Mr Pecron, delegate of the town of Desvres and Mr Juda, delegate of the General Council
  • 8 office bearers, including :
    • 4 local authorities’ representatives; Messrs. Fernagut, Pecron, Chiquet and Normand
    • 4 General Council’s representatives ; Messrs. Poher, Juda, Delannoy and Hiel.

In 2008, the executive committee met three times : On 18th April, 30th September and 22nd December. Its members had to examine 58 deliberations (57 in 2007) that have all been unanimously passed.

Administrative level

Name of authorities

Number of delegates


Conseil Général (General Council) du Pas-de-Calais


EPCI (federations of municipalities)

- Communauté de communes de l’Artois,

- S.I.V.U du Lac Bleu,

- Communauté de communes des trois Pays,

- CommunAupôle Lens-Liévin,

- Syndicat intercommunal d’aménagement de Wingles Douvrin

- Syndicat intercommunal de la basse vallée d’Authie


Communes (towns)

Audinghen, Wissant, Wimereux, Saint-Etienne-au-Mont, Saint Martin Boulogne, Nesles, Desvres, Dannes, Escalles, Condette, Marck, Sangatte, Oye- Plage, Ardres, Carvin, Oignies, Camiers, Conchil-le- Temple, Etaples, Merlimont, Saint Laurent Blangy, Lapugnoy, La Comté, Beuvry, Blendecques, Eperlecques, Esquerdes, Helfaut, Heuringhem Racquinghem, Wardrecques, Wizernes


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