School projects

Eden62 suggests a project called « Knowledge (activities) and action (interventions in nature) in order to respect», o the primary schools of towns located near a natural area, which enables the pupils to discover the environment outside the school context, with various themes…

Some samples of the activities and of the actions carried out

> The moorland ecosystem in the regional nature reserve of Raquinghem

The pupils went to discover the woods, the pond and the Crested Newt. During an intervention in nature, they cleaned and cleared the pond from brushwood. They made an exposition on the moorlands and the Crested Newt.

> The typical habitats and species of the Poret Woods

Discovering and recognition of the trees thanks to a simplified determination tool. Making of nest boxes and shelters for insects.

> Environmental actions in the forest of Eperlecques

Raising the awareness of the diversity of species in a forest, understanding the role of the small animals of the litter. Recognising the trees thanks to their leaves, construing what they may see or hear (batrachians, bird songs, animal tracks…). An intervention enabled to open the environment by cutting some brushes and pulling up the bracken butts; so you can find there the typical flora of the moorlands (ling, heather…)

> Nest boxes for Little Owls in the Quarry of Nesles

A night walk to discover the nocturnal raptors of the department, the habits, the way of feeding and the breeding of these birds. The pupils’ parents were invited.

The activities enabled them to discover the history of the site, manly reshaped, to understand what is the “differentiated” management and to discover the wildlife of the site.

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